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more tailored for the urban environment. Venture’s three wheeler will only be 40 inches wide and is shorter than the average car, making it easy to park. You can put two of the 1,400 pound cars into a single standard parking space. (The passengers sit forward and rear, bobsled style, rather than next to each other.) It will also get good gas mileage 120 miles per gallon cheap michael kors for the hybrid. The electric version will go 120 miles before needing a charge. Although most of the electric sedans and sports cars coming to market cheap Michael Kors handbags outlet in the next few years will go 140 to 200 miles on a michael kors handbags charge, those cars are expected to cost $65,000 to $100,000, or three times as much or more than the VentureOne. Venture’s car is smaller than most cars and will only hold two passengers, but that’s all you need for urban driving, said CEO Howard Levine. involve only one passenger, the driver, said Levine, citing government statistics. To cut production and inventory costs, Venture will actually only make one car, but then let dealers and owners
A Woman President The following is a weekly 60 Minutes commentary by CBS News correspondent Andy Rooney. Every time I think about it which isn’t very often I think how wrong it is that we’ve never had a woman president Michael Kors handbags outlet of the United States. How did that Michael Kors from china happen? We don’t know who is smarter, men or cheap Michael Kors handbags women. There have been IQ tests over the years, but the results never conclusively determine any intellectual superiority for either sex. It’s interesting, though, that last year for every 133,000 women who graduated from college, only 100,000 men graduated. Our failure to elect a woman isn’t because of any michael kors handbags outlet conspiracy by men. There are 146 million men in the United States and 151 million women and one of the things that makes it strange that we have never had a woman president is that more women than men vote. It must be that even women don’t vote for a woman. If there’s some doubt about whether men or women are smarter, there’s no doubt about other male and female characteristics. For example, it seems as though women are nicer Michael Kors people than men. They’re apparently more honest than men, too. There are 2,270,000 people in prison in the United States and only seven percent of them are women. The other 93 percent are men. Of course, it could be that women aren’t more honest, they’re just smarter at not getting caught. Women’s brains don’t go about solving problems the same way men’s brains do that’s a personal opinion of mine but it would be hard to say which way is better. We’re one of the few michael kors outlet countries in the world that has never had a woman chief executive. Margaret Thatcher was elected prime minister of Great Britain three times. Lots of countries have elected women presidents Argentina, Iceland, the Philippines, Nicaragua, Ecuador. Right now Finland, Ireland, Liberia and michael kors handbags Chile have women presidents.
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three years ago. USA TODAY SPORTS Premier Blue Jack Johnson Jersey WIRE Dueling mock drafts: Could the Jets or Redskins move back? Thomas kept her love of sports alive by working her way up the ladder in officiating the biggest games after her brother encouraged her. "If I am there permanently next Men David Premier Sergei Bobrovsky Jersey Clarkson Jersey year as a full time official it would just be tremendous,” Thomas, 41, a mother of three told USA TODAY Sports last June. "I’ve always said as far as breaking the gender barrier, you never set out to do that.” Shannon Eastin, who worked as a replacement official during the 2012 NFL referee lockout was the first woman to officiate an NFL regular season game. Thomas became the first woman to officiate an NCAA game in 2007 and in 2009, and was one of five female officials in major college football, as well as the only one at the Football Bowl Subdivsion level. She was selected to work the 2009 Little Caesars Pizza Bowl between Marshall and Ohio, making her the first woman to officiate a college bowl game. "She