Who can apply?


When filling in the application form, you will be asked to specify your Target Group. Please, look at the table below to find out which Target Group you belong to.

There are three target groups defined by the EU commission for individual mobility flows:

HEI = Higher Education Institution

Target GroupTarget beneficiariesTypes of individual mobility flows
TARGET GROUP 1Nationals of countries represented in the consortium who are registered in one of the partner HEIs (that doest NOT include the associate partner universities).-Master (ACP)
-PhD (ACP)
-Staff (EU and ACP)
TARGET GROUP 2Nationals of the ACP countries represented in the consortium who:Master (ACP), PhD (ACP)
- are registered/work in a higher education institution of these countries that is not included in the partnership (students and staff);
- have obtained a university degree or equivalent by an institution of these countries (students only).
- This includes the possibility of providing mobility opportunities to ACP nationals working in public administration, public and private enterprises and non-profit organizations.
TARGET GROUP 3Nationals of ACP countries represented in the consortium who are in particularly vulnerable situations, for social and political reasons. For example:Master (ACP), PhD (ACP)
1. having a refugee status or asylum beneficiaries (international or according to the national legislation of one of the European recipient countries) or
2. it can be proved that they have been the object of unjustified expulsion from university on racial, ethnic, religious, political, gender or sexual inclination or
3. they belong to an indigenous population targeted by a specific national policy or IDPs (Internally Displaced Persons)
Examples for the Target Groups:
  • I am a last year Bachelor’s student registered at University of Ghana Business School and I want to apply to a Master’s degree: I am Target Group 1
  • I graduated from Mondlane University in 2012 and wish to purshue my Master’s degree in Europe with a Caribu scholarship: I am Target Group 2
  • I am currently enrolled at the University of Cape Verde (associate partner) as a Master’s student and wish to apply for a PhD: I am Target Group 2
  • I am a Cameroon citizen, currently enrolled as a Master student at the University of Yaoudé (not a member of the consortium) et wish to do my PhD in Europe: I am Target Group 2
  • I am a Congolese citizen and hold a refugee card, I already have a Master’s degree, obtained in the Democratic Republic of Congo and wish to apply for a PhD: I am Target Group 3
  • I am a Kenyan citizen, from the Masai minority and wish to enrol the Caribu program: I can apply as Target Group 3

Eligibility criteria for non-EU students and staff:

  • Be a national of one of the non-EU countries represented in the consortium (the Bahamas, Cameroon, DR Congo, Ethiopia, the Gambia, Ghana, Mozambique, Samoa, Suriname, Tanzania, Timor Leste, Uganda). The students with one of the following nationalities are also eligible: Gabon, Sao Tomé & Principe, Burundi, Rwanda, Angola, Namibia, Benin, Guinea Bissau, Dominican Republic, Barbados, Jamaica, Trinidad & Tobago, Fiji, Kenya, Cabo Verde, Guyana.
  • For students only: Not have resided nor carried out your main activity (study, work, etc) for more than a total of 12 months over the last five years in the EU at the time of submitting application. This does not apply to Target Group 3 applicants.
  • Not have already benefited from a scholarship under the CARIBU project or an Erasmus Mundus scholarship for the same level of mobility
  • For students only: Your entry diploma must have been obtained in an ACP country (except Cuba and Republic of South Africa – if you obtained your entry diploma in Cuba or RSA, you are not eligible). The entry diploma is the diploma that gives you access to the level of mobility you are applying to (ex: if you apply for a Master, your entry diploma is your Bachelor’s degree).


- You obtained your Bachelor degree in Tanzania and you are applying for a Master degree in Europe: you are eligible

- You obtained your Bachelor degree in South Africa and you are applying for a Master degree in Europe: you are not eligible

- You obtained your Bachelor degree in Ethiopia and your Master degree in the USA, and you are applying for a PhD in Europe: you are not eligible. However, you are eligible to apply for a Master degree.

- You obtained a Bachelor degree in Europe 10 years ago, you have lived in Suriname since then and you are applying for a Master degree in Europe: you are not eligible.

  • For staff: work in or be associated with one of the non-EU partner university represented in the consortium
  • For staff: be either a teaching staff, researcher, university administrator (rector, personnel in charge of cooperation offices, admissions and recognition departments, etc.)
  • TARGET GROUP 1: must be registered in one of the partner higher education institutions  of the consortium by the time of submission of application
  • TARGET GROUP 2: must be registered in a university (that is not a member of the consortium) in one of the ACP countries represented in the partnership OR must have obtained a university degree or equivalent from one higher education institution in a country represented in the partnership (partners and associate partners)
  • TARGET GROUP 3: must have the nationality of one of the countries represented in the lot and be part of a vulnerable group.

Eligibility criteria for EU staff

  • Be a national of an EU country
  • Work in or be associated with one of the European universities represented in the consortium
  • Be either a teaching staff, researcher, university administrator (rector, personnel in charge of cooperation offices, admissions and recognition departments, etc.)
  • Not have already benefited from a scholarship under the CARIBU project

NB: The mobility of staff must follow a mobility plan validated by both the home and host institution (at the time of application, only the validation by the home institution is needed). For academic staff, it will mainly consist in teaching and research activities during their stay in the host institution as well as the production of new teaching material. For administrative staff this will involve mostly seminars on the organization of university, international offices and admission departments. The mobility of staff as a whole should contribute to the strengthening of scientific and administrative cooperation and capacity building opportunities between the members of the consortium.



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