Language requirements

All EU partner universities have different language requirements. Please carefully read or follow the links and make sure you meet the requirements before applying online.

Vrije Universiteit Brussel

Universiteit Gent

Exchange A�students:A�

Degree-seeking students:A�

UniversitA� de Nantes

  • MA level:

B2 level is required in French. B1 could be accepted in some courses of sciences.

B2 level in English is required if course is taught exclusively in English.

  • PhD level:

B2 level is required in French or English.

  • Exceptions (French certificate is not required):
  1. Nationals of the following countries: BA�nin, Burkina Faso, Comores, Congo, CA?te d’Ivoire, Gabon, GuinA�e, Mali, Niger, RA�publique DA�mocratique du Congo, SA�nA�gal, Togo.
  2. Nationals from the following countriesA�if all the secondary education was done in FrenchA�(A�A�collA?geA�A� et A�A�lycA�eA�A�): Burundi, Cameroun, Djibouti, HaA?ti, Madagascar, Rwanda, Seychelles, Tchad, Vanuatu

In this particular case, you will haveA�to provide a certificate from the representative of the secondary education institutionA�(from the beginning of a�?collA?gea�? until the end of a�?lycA�ea�?) stating that the whole education was done in French.

3. Holders of the French baccalaureate or DAEU.

  • Recognized tests:



Aalborg University

All international students applying to Aalborg University must document English language qualifications comparable to an ‘English B level’ in the Danish upper secondary school (minimum average grade 02).A�English language qualifications corresponding to an ‘English B level’ in Denmark must be documented via the following official English language tests.

The following tests must be sent directly from the test centre:

Original or verified copy accepted:

International Office at Aalborg University has a unique code for TOEFL test results: 8892 – department code: 99. Please use these codes when booking a TOEFL test a�� this ensures that the test is sent to the right receiver.

The test has to be less than two years old, otherwise we cannot accept it.

Please note, that the English language requirement for a Erasmus Mundus programme is not similar to the English language requirement for a full undergraduate programme.

You do not have to submit an official English test if one of the following criteria applies to you:

  • Have a major/minor in English, i.e. the English language is the field of study (studies in English linguistics or literature), and not only an elective course or medium of instruction.
  • Have a complete bachelor degree done in English from either Australia, the UK, Ireland, Norway, Sweden, Finland, Iceland, USA, New Zealand, South Africa or Canada.
  • Have a complete bachelor degree from a Danish University.
  • Have a complete bachelor degree from a Danish Academy of professional higher education.
  • Have a complete bachelor degree from a Danish university college.
  • Have completed an ‘English level B’ in Denmark (minimum average grade 02).

Mendel University

Please contact the local project manager:A�

Technical University Cluj-Napoca

Please contact the local project manager:A�

Silesian University of Technology

Certified command of English A�at level B2 is required. The language abilities may be certified by home Universities. FCE, TOEFL (min 80) and TOIFCE (min 700pts

Lisbon University


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